Clocher de Saint Émilion © David Remazeilles Gironde Tourisme
Place à Saint Émilion © David Remazeilles Gironde Tourisme
Terrasse ombragée à Saint Émilion © David Remazeilles Gironde Tourisme

Saint Émilion

In Burdigalae vinum veritas

An unmissable stop on the Scandibérique, Saint-Emilion is a fabulous architectural gem surrounded by beautiful vineyards producing grands crus wines known across the globe. The little town grew up around a natural grotto where a Breton hermit, Saint Emilion, retired from the world in the 8th century. The place now boasts many listed monuments, including the monolithic church dug into the limestone cliff, the collegiate church, the Doyenné Cloisters, the Cordeliers Cloisters and the Tour du Roy, as well as the steepest of streets, known as tertres and escalettes. Since 1999, the wider area of the Juridiction de Saint-Émilion has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its exceptional cultural landscape.

Three main grape varieties are grown in the area, merlot contributing a rich roundness, cabernet franc finesse and elegance, thanks to its tannins and aromas, and cabernet sauvignon adding spicy notes and helping ensure the local wines’ longevity thanks to its powerful tannins. Why not taste some St-Emilion wines in a beautiful shaded arbour in town!


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