Who are we?

The various parties involved in the Scandibérique cycle route

Why was the Scandibérique-EuroVelo 3 cycle route set up?

The Scandibérique-EuroVelo 3 cycle route provides sustainable tourism possibilities, putting to the fore regional, urban and rural areas in an original way. As the longest cycle route crossing France, the Scandibérique-EuroVelo 3 forms part of wider European scheme (EuroVelo) to develop cycle routes as well as being a part of the French national scheme to develop cycle routes (the Schéma National des Véloroutes).

The Scandibérique can provide cyclists with a uniquely positive experience. Crossing 20 French counties, going from the northeast to the southwest of the country, and crossing major towns like Paris and Bordeaux, the Scandibérique opens the way to great discoveries of France’s heritage and inland regions for cycling tourists, be they riding alone, as a couple, or with family or friends.

The development of the Scandibérique

A collective project

The Scandibérique is a collective project, since 2013 organized by a route committee. Now led by the Comité Régional du Tourisme Paris-Île de France, the route committee has gathered together 19 partner associations around an action plan for 2020-2023 financed and put together by all the parties involved. The Scandibérique is also supported and backed by Vélo & Territoires, the body coordinating France’s national cycling network.

Who does what?

Since 2019, the Comité Régional du Tourisme Paris-Ile de France has led the route committee for the Scandibérique-EuroVelo 3 cycle route. It’s responsible for putting together the action plans for 2020-2023 and encouraging the collective’s dynamism. Between 2013 and 2018, it was the Ile-de-France Region that piloted the project.
The regions and counties involved, plus their tourist bodies (carrying the acronyms of CRTs, CDTs or ADRTs) are all partners in the project, financing it and lending their technical expertise. 
The relevant competent authorities are responsible for the route’s layout and upkeep. The relevant tourist bodies are in charge of the way services are structured and of promoting the destinations along the way. 
Vélo & Territoires acts alongside the Scandibérique-EuroVelo 3 cycle route committee to coordinate and support their actions.
France Vélo Tourisme is responsible for developing this website and deals with the promotion of the cycle route at national level, notably through its website www.francevelotourisme.com 

The Scandibérique-EuroVelo 4 cycle route in figures

  • Over 1,700 km of cycle route 
  • 48 stages
  • 4 regions and 20 counties crossed 
  • 18 partners

Les Partenaires