À vélo dans la montagne basque © P. Gaillard - C. Munsch - ADT64
Pause sur la rive de l'Adour © P. Gaillard - C. Munsch - ADT64
Bivouac dans la montagne basque © P. Gaillard - C. Munsch - ADT64

The EuroVelo 3 cycle route in Spain

The EuroVelo 3 in Spain

Reaching the Scandibérique cycle route from Spain

The Scandibérique forms part of the larger European cycle route, EuroVelo 3. In Spain, for the time being, the cycle route isn’t laid out. 

Cross-border initiatives are in the process of being put together with partners in the Spanish region of Navarre, with the aim of putting some of the route in place by June 2022. We can already recommend two routes in the making, depending on the season during which you’re cycling. 

In summer, it’ll be possible to cross the passes of Orgambide, Orbaitzeta and Roncevaux, going via the sources of the Nive River (and the village of Esterencuby). The forest tracks through these parts will be cleared so as to be accessible to cyclists before June 2022. 

In winter, when these passes are cut off by snow, it’ll be possible to pass via the Arnéguy road, so making use of the N135, although this is an extremely busy main road, so it will require special facilities to be put in place. It’s a way that should only be attempted by experienced cyclists, preferably on Sundays, when there tends to be less traffic.

Download the GPX track.

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