Château de Compiègne © Un Monde à Vélo Oise tourisme
Compiègne allée de Beaux Monts © Un Monde à Vélo Oise tourisme
La clairière de l'Armistice à Compiègne © EV3 - Mémoire - OISE - Scandibérique - Christophe Tellier ARC - Oise tourisme

Compiègne, a royal and imperial town

Compiègne, a major historic town

Located 80km north of Paris, at the confluence of Aisne and Oise Rivers and beside majestic forests, Compiègne, a royal and imperial town that witnessed many major events in French history, proves very welcoming today. Its imperial palace experienced its greatest days under Emperor Napoleon III. Its town hall, in Flamboyant Gothic style, its churches and its museums reflect the town’s historic prosperity. The castle grounds are listed as a ‘remarkable garden’, the 5km-long Allée des Beaux-Monts starting from here, offering splendid vistas. As to the 13km-long Route Eugénie, it links the castle to the imposing medieval fort of Pierrefonds, taking you past Eugénie’s hunting pavilion and picturesque villages.

Compiègne also bears witness to the two World Wars, with the 1918 Armistice Clearing and the memorial museum at Royallieu internment and deportation camp. Compiègne State Forest, the size of Paris, has beech woods cut through by alleys forming a star shape, plus many cycle paths, over 100km in total length. The Scandibérique’s way through Compiègne is a true delight!


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