Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine / Châtellerault La Scandibérique

Industrial heritage
41,26 Km
2 h 45 min
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41,26 km cycling route from Ste-Maure-de-Touraine to Châtellerault

Here, following the Scandibérique brings you back beside a river, this time the Vienne, at Marcilly-sur-Vienne. This stage follows its west bank, offers views of lovely landscapes. Vaux-sur-Vienne, climbing the slope from the river, is a village in a lovely green setting from which to embark on walks. Finally, the town of Châtellerault comes into view. Before and after World War I, it was known for manufacturing Lebel guns; after the factory closed in 1968, it was subsequently transformed into an ice-skating rink and cultural space, a sign of peace for future generations.

Elevation of the stage

63 m 42 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 2,33 km By road: 38,93 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 41,26 km

The route

Mainly on minor roads. Take care entering Châtellerault, with the round-abouts either side of the Henri IV Bridge. Signposting for the EV3 has been put in place through the county of Vienne.

Surfacing smooth: asphalt


  • Sainte-Maure Noyant train station
  • Maillé train station
  • Les Ormes train station
  • Ingrandes train station
  • Châtellerault train station

Don’t miss

  • Ste-Maure de Touraine: Boumiers neolithic dolmen; the château; the church; the remarkable covered market
  • Maillé: Maison du Souvenir, recalling how German forces destroyed the village in 1944, after which it was reconstructed
  • Draché: the neolithic menhir of La Pierre Percée
  • Nouâtre: the remnants of the Château de la Motte
  • Ingrandes-sur-Vienne: the church; the Domaine de la Groie, with the remnants of a medieval château 
  • Châtellerault: its heritage, including industrial

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