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38,53 km cycling route from Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire to Clérac

This Scandibérique stage leads via the county of Charente’s vineyards on to forests typical of the neighbouring county of Charente-Maritime and continues to the border between the historic areas of the Saintonge and the Périgord. Cruise easily along the Galope Chopine Greenway from Barbezieux St-Hilaire to Clérac, the way increasingly wooded. The medieval Château de Montguyon, an imposing fort ravaged by time, offers a tempting reason to deviate slightly from the Haute-Saintonge greenway. Just a few arrows’ lengths further on, cycling into the heart of the Double Saintongeaise Forest (40,000 hectares of woods stretching between Montguyon, Montlieu la Garde and Montendre) you reach Clérac. This stage provides plenty of invigorating country air!

Elevation of the stage

138 m 137 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 34,17 km By road: 4,36 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 38,53 km

The route

No particular difficulties, except for two crossings of the RD731 road as you leave Barbezieux. Follow the Galope Chopine Greenway (along a former railway line) up to the entrance to Clérac. Signposted EV3

Surfacing smooth: asphalt.


  • Saint Aigulin la Roche Chalais train station lies 16km from Clérac
  • Regional TER line - Angoulême < > Bordeaux 

Don’t miss

  • Barbezieux-St-Hilaire: the fortified gateway
  • Baignes-Ste-Ragonde: the abbey church of Saint-Étienne (St Stephen); the Château de Montausier (mainly 19th century)
  • Chevanceux: Romanesque church of Saint Peter (11th to 12th centuries)
  • Saint-Martin d’Ary: the Romanesque church (12th century)
  • Montguyon: the former medieval fort; the Romanesque church of Saint-Vincent; Font Buisson washhouse; the panoramic views; Pierre Folle neolithic monument, with dolmen and covered alley 
  • Clérac: Musée des Métiers et des Traditions populaires (on local arts and crafts); church of Saint-Vivien

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